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Pes Equinovarus - Clubfoot

Pes Equinovarus

Pes Equinovarus deformity, frequently called as clubfoot, can be recognized by family and health care professionals right after the delivery. However, with advanced ultrasonography clubfoot can also be diagnosed within the intrauterine period.
Pes equinovarus is seen with 1 in 1000 incidence. It is more common in boys than girls. Family history of clubfoot can be encountered in some cases.

How can the clubfoot be diagnosed?

In Pes Equinovarus; forefoot is adducted and supinated.Heel is felt very soft as if it is empty. Since with the equinus of the calcaneus, bottom part of the bone seats in more superior position than it should be. heeHeel shows an inverted position. Inner border of foot shows concavity. .

Is it possible to correct the clubfoot deformity completely?

If untreated, children with neglected pes equinovarus walk on the lateral border of their foot. Contemporary pev treatment with Ponseti Cast Treatment regimen provides succesfull treatment in most of the cases. Treated indivuals live a normal life and may perform many athletic activities if the wish.

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