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First week Ponseti Treatment

Ponseti Cast Treatment
Poseti Alçı Tedavisi - 1.Hafta

Ponseti Cast Treatment – 1 week

First week Ponseti Treatment

Since, we first meet the baby and family at the First week Ponseti Treatment, Every effort should be taken to provide to keep the family and baby calm and relaxed. I explain the treatment protocol in detail at First week of Ponseti Teatment. Therefore, first appointment should have good time slot for both family and doctor.

After I gave the necessary details and answer the parents questions, I start with stretching  to soften the foot.

How do you apply the first Ponseti cast?

Since the cast is applied first metatarsal bone pushed upside, foot sits in inverted position within the cast at the first week of Ponseti treatment. Cause, it is a step by step gradual correction, cast positions are different to obtain and maintain the correction commensurate with the week of Ponseti Treatment.

I follow the baby for a while after casting and check circulation of the toes. Meanwhile, I inform the parents  how to follow the baby and when to be alarmed and what to do in case they may see a problem. If the baby is irritated and crying despite feeding, I do not hesitate to remove the cast and reapply a new one.

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