Pes Equinovarus

Congenital Pes Equinovarus Deformity

Konjenital Pes Ekinovarus Deformitesi Clubfoot

Congenital Pes Equinovarus Deformity

IN clubfoot, heel  is seen in varus and equinus position. One can also see that the forefott addusted and plantarly flexed   Over the hindfoot. Most pes equinovarus feet show cavus component charecterized with increase arch of foot. 

Pes equinovarus deformity is a congenital deformity. Studies reveal that the talar and calcaneal bones along with rhe navicular bone have abnormal shapes. The calf circımference is smaller than the normla side. Foot is smaller in length as well. Clubfoot can rarely be associted with syndromes like  Arthrogribosis and Freeman Sheldon Syndrome. In this case, the pes equinovarus deformity is usually presented in severe form.

Since a baby with foot deformity has an increased risc of having congenital hip dysplasia, babies with clubfoot should be evaluated for developmental hip dysplasia as well.

Congenital Pes Equinovarus Deformity

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