Pes Equinovarus

Pes Equinovarus Recurrence and Treatment

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Pes Equinovarus Recurrence and Treatment

At the present time, we are able to treat Pes Equinovarus deformity successfully with Ponseti Treatment Technique. However, we may encounter recurrence cases eventhough they are rare. We see the recurrence of the clubfoot deformity particulary between the ages of 10 months and 5 years.

We note the clubfoot recurrence with:

Medial deviation of forefoot as called adduction deformity,

Evertion of forefoot as called supination deformity,

İnversion of the heel as called heel varus.


Pes Equinovarus Recurrence and Treatment

Pes Equinovarus Recurrence can be prevented with proper use of Ponseti brace as recommended by doctor.

In case of clubfoot recurrence, whether the child is 12 months old or younger, manipulation and Ponseti Casting Technique solve the problem. I prefer to carry out the anterior tibial tendon transfer to the lateral and dorsal of the foot, following cast correction.

In elder kids, I usually prefer to add bony ostetomies to provide better correction.  When the child is older than 12 years old, I consider to carry out double or triple artrodesis.

In conclusion, we may provide a plantigrade and nicely corrected foot to the patient to perform his/her daily chores without difficulty.


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