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Ponseti Brace

Ortez Kullanımı - Pev Tedavisi

Ponseti Brace

We launch Ponseti brace after removing last cast. It consist of two boots and one bar connecting the boots. Boot – Bar connection is adjustable to  give the desired angle. We set it 70 degrees in clubfoot site and 20 degrees in normal foot site.

I tell the parents that it is important to have heel in contact with the sole of the booth.For porper sitting of the heel, a strap crossing the anterior part of ankle is neeed. While holding the heel in contact with the sole with pushing down from the knee, they need to tighten the strap. Once they tighten the strap, it is easy to tight the laces.

Key points of  Brace Use

I recommend the parents to check;

  • the seating of heel which tend to go upwards if not strapped properly,
  • the rotation of the boot. Since it should be in external rotation of 70 degrees.

How long do we need to keep the feet in Ponseti Brace?

I recommend 22 hours use of Ponseti Brace in clubfoot at the beginning. Once child starts to crawl, Ponseti Brace can be used during nap times and night time.

I prefer to use it for 2-3 years and I believe that it decreases the risk of recurrence.

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