Pes Equinovarus

Ponseti Cast Application Photographs

Ponseti Cast Application Photographs

Ponseti Serial Cast Application is widely accepted as Pes Equinivarus contemporary treatment for Pes Ekinovarus, This treatment that yiels the succesful treatment in most of the cases. I prefer to start Ponseti treatment in early days of life.  It is extremly  important to explain the treatment protocol in detail. We change the casts every week. The corrective Ponseti casts are above knee casts. Every week the position of the cast is changed in order to provide  reduction and deformity correction step by step. Another asset of the technique is manipulation. Manipulation softens the foot and enable easy and aplication of the  cast as wished . We usually need to apply 4-6 cast application before tendo Achilles tenotomy and/or last long term cast in maximum corrected postion.  I need to do tenotomy  of heel chord in most cases. The last cast following tenotomy stays 4 weeks. Finally, we start to use Ponseti orthose. We recommend use of orthoses 22 hours of a day in the beginning. Once the child star to crawl, the Ponseti device is used durİng nap and night times. We recommend to use of Ponseti device for 2-3 years.


Ponseti Cast Application Photographs

1-  Prof.Dr.Şeref Aktaş is applying first cast

serefalci1 eypev1


2- First cast and foot after removal of first cast

eypev2 eypev3


3- Second cast and after removal of cast



4- Third cast and the foot after removal of third cast

eypev6 eypev7

5- Forth cast and foot after removal of 4th cast:Excellent correction

eypev8 eypev9


6- Tenotomy Time


7- Ponseti Orthoses

clubfoot7 ponseticihaz



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