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Ponseti Casting Technique

Ponseti Alçı Tedavisi görüntüleri

Ponseti Casting Technique

Çarpık Ayak - Pes Ekinovarus

Pre Ponseti Cast Treatment


Çarpık Ayak - Pes Ekinovarus

After Ponseti Cast Treatment


Before Ponseti Cast Treatment era, we, orthopedic surgeons, used to treat most of the clubfoot patients surgically.

First of all, I appreciate  Dr.Ignacio Ponseti from Iowa University who described and popularized the Corrective Casting Technique called after his name in 1990s. I have been grateful to have participated his training activities on Ponseti Technique. I was very impressed with his technique and begun to use it  instantly. My approach to clubfoot was changed since then.

What results do you get from Ponseti Cast Treatment?

We are very satisfied with our results in almost all cases as one of our cases shown above.

I start Ponseti treatment  in a few days following birth.  I see patients every week according to Ponseti Treatment protocol. I begin the treatment session with manipulation. I stretch the foot to desired position of the week. Once, I feel the foot  soft enough, I apply the cast commensurate with the week of the technique.   I apply different manipulation direction and  cast position for each session.

We schedule cast changes with weekly intervals  (5-10 days ).  I might need to apply 4-6 cast change if the ekinovarus foot is stiff. In conclusion, I try to get maximal correction and then I decide whether I need to do tenotomy. In addition, I have to emphasize that most of the cases need Achilles tenotomy.

In conclusion, Ponseti Casting Technique yields good results.

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