PEV Treatment

Pre-Labor Period

Doğum Öncesi Pev Tanısı

Pre-Labor Period

We may diagnose tclubfoot deformity intrauterinly with the help of advanced ultrasonography techniques as early as 12.-13. week of gestation.

Following diagnosis of Pes Equinovarus, Obstetrician may perform quick search for probable associated diseases. Yet we see them rarely.

Pre-Labor Period Treatment

We may say that Clubfoot deformity is currently succesflully treated with Ponseti technique. Since the Ponseti treatment consists of serial cast applications, we don’t plan any treatment in Pre-Labor Period.

I have just learned from my ultrasonography result, my baby will have clubfoot. What should I do?

In conclusion: Clubfoot deformity does not cause any permanent disability if treated promptly. We obtain almost full correction in most cases. We would like to start the Ponseti Casting treatment in a week following birth. Therefore, you may set an appointment with a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon to plan the treatment of your baby.  Children with clubfoot do not have any difficulty in daily activities and sports following successful treatment.

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